‘I was very apprehensive that talking to someone would make a difference  but Fiona really helped me to get a different perspective through a difficult time. Over a couple of months I felt like I knew myself much more, and it put me on the right track to making changes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fiona, she provided the time for me every week where I felt safe to talk about things I hadn’t been able to before, which has now helped me to open up more, and approach things in a more positive way.’ -LM


 ‘I underwent counselling with Fiona for almost two years.  She helped me to uncover things about myself that I had chosen to ignore for many years. and as a consequence my relationships with friends and family are a lot more positive. After therapy with Fiona I’m a lot happier – that’s not to say I don’t need help from time to time and I wouldn’t hesitate to call on her again’ -SL


‘Fiona provided me with a safe and welcoming environment to explore my feelings.  This enabled me to learn so much about myself and understand my own needs. She has taught me the tools that I need to help myself going forward in life and has always kept the door open.  It was a very difficult time but yet at the same time a pleasure to work it through with Fiona’ -SE


‘Over the 6 Months I was with Fiona, I am pleased to say that my feelings changed around my situation and outlook. I was delighted with the progress I made during this period and appreciated Fiona’s skill in the latter stages when we discussing how we tapered the sessions down and eventually stopped. Fiona had my well being in mind throughout and didn’t try to keep me coming back! ‘ – DB